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Kin + Ginseng

Rooted in Family

A name that balances the deep connections of family love and the well-known Chinese Traditional Medicine ingredient of the Ginseng root. 


Our brand combines the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with trusted, clinical formulations to provide highly efficacious products to support your health. Our formulations are developed with Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors to find natural remedies for your health problems. Every custom blend is made with pure and potent ingredients that have been tested through years of real results and expertise. 

Our Story

Founded as a small family business, our immigrant parents treated our illnesses with a mix of their culture by bringing us to Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and Western practitioners. The result, a lifestyle that balances the convenience of western pharmaceuticals with the natural remedy and the rich history in thousands of years of experience. We know TCM may be difficult to get everywhere and we want to share it with you.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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